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Terms to trade with scrap

Apollo Metals EOOD strictly complies with all laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the provisions of state institutions.

In particular, the trade with ferrous and non-ferrous waste metals (FNFWM) is regulated by the Waste Management Act (WMA) and the provisions of the competent state authorities.

The main documents that must accompany any transaction with FNFWM include the following:

  • Purchase and Sale Contract
  • Certificate and/or Statement of Origin
  • Invoice
  • Handover Protocol

The acceptance of any material on our sites is immediately documented and recorded in our ERP system in real time.

Scrap metal including cables and power lines of all types and sizes, elements of electronic communication infrastructure, elements and parts of rolling stock, railway track, including security, signalling and communication equipment and all its systems, all elements and parts of road infrastructure such as road signs, guardrails, metal shaft lids, parts of street lighting or irrigation systems and equipment, as well as metallized monuments or parts or components thereof are only bought from authorized sources which have the documents of origin required by law.

Apollo Metals EOOD does not buy scrap metal from individuals.