Amortization Scrap

All machinery, equipment, structures and other assets that are obsolete and can be * removed, dismantled and recovered secondary raw materials fall into the category of amortization scrap. Although the value of the above assets as recyclables is small compared to the investment in obtaining them, their safe removal sometimes appears to be a bigger problem for businesses.

“Apollo Metals” has the necessary expertise and certification for the successful removal of amortization scrap. We guarantee compliance with all safety requirements to protect the health and property of the company.

In addition to the service by removing the amortization scrap, our industrial clients will receive the highest prices for secondary metals from dismantled machinery, structures and other assets.

If the result of your activities generate scrap metal, contact us to get the best price for their purchase, flexible transport scheme, competent advice and payment guaranteed by “Apollo Metals!”

* Do not fall into dangerous, explosive, radioactive and other prohibited materials or observed.