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Recycling of Industrial Waste

The process of recycling industrial and technological waste includes all activities from the generation of the waste until its transformation into raw material. The activities involved in recycling the waste metals traded by  Apollo Metals EOOD are as follows:

  • collection and proper storage of waste by the generating party; Apollo Metals EOOD can assist with the provision of containers for collection and storage of waste, as well as with the conclusion of a contract with a business enterprise, thus certifying to the controlling bodies that the waste is disposed of in the manner provided by law
  • transport from the facility of the business enterprise to a facility of Apollo Metals EOOD. Our company deals with transportation of industrial waste using both company-owned and leased vehicles in compliance with all requirements, including those for safety and environmental protection. If the materials are not collected in advance in a container supplied by us, we can use our specialized trucks that are able to carry out handling and transport operations of a wide range of bulk materials, components, machinery and structures with unit weight of up to 2 tons. Our trucks and drivers meet the requirements for the transportation of hazardous cargo ADR
  • storage and processing in a facility of Apollo Metals EOOD – this stage of the recycling process is characterized by sorting and separate storage of secondary metals. The operations on the company’s sites comply with all the requirements of the Waste Management Act and all materials are with proven and traceable origin. After sorting the received secondary metals, they are stored for shipment or      undergo further processes as required by the processing plants
  • shipment and processing of secondary metals and rough materials – at this stage Scholz Bulgaria AD organizes the delivery of the secondary metals and rough materials to the processing plants where the last stage of the recycling process is carried out, namely – the final transformation of industrial and technological waste into raw materials suitable for new usage

If your operation generates metal waste, please contact us to receive the best price for their purchase, flexible transport schedule, competent advice and payment guaranteed by Apollo Metals!