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Trade with Scrap

Trade with scrap is an activity which is characterized by extreme specificity and requires thorough preparation and knowledge.

Since there are hardly two materials that are absolutely identical, one of the most important steps in the trade with scrap is the skill and ability for a proper evaluation of the scrap. In this respect Apollo Metals EOOD has both well trained professionals and the necessary analytical equipment which facilitates the identification of the materials for trade.

The precise identification and correct assessment of ferrous and non-ferrous waste metals protect the interests of all parties in the sales process and ensure the correct long-term operation.

The dynamics of this activity is also driven by the ever-changing metal prices. The prices of the London Metal Exchange (LME) are accepted as governing prices in this industry. The traders of Apollo Metals EOOD have permanent, including mobile online access to stock prices and exchange rates of major currencies.

Due to these modern means of communication the processes of buying and selling materials are fully optimized. This allows the company, on the one hand, to be present on the market for non-ferrous and ferrous scrap with good and competitive prices, and on the other hand, to be efficient and cost-effective in the terms of the stagnation in the world economy.